Strauss, Johann (1825-1899)

Vienna-Salmannsdorf. - From 1829 to 1832, the family of Johann Strauss the Elder stayed for the summers in an early Biedermeier house (Dreimarksteingasse 13) in the then suburb in the west of Vienna. This is where Johann Strauss the Younger is said to have composed his first waltz "Erster Gedanke" at the age of 6. The musical quotation shows an excerpt from the dance waltz op. 325 "Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald" ("Tales from the Vienna Woods") with the text "Wenn fern des Lenzes Ruf erhallt ... " ("When springtime calls from afar …").

Hand-colored etching by Herta Czoernig-Gobanz (1886-1970), estate signed. Plate size 20,5 x 19 cm (8 x 7½ in), sheet size 35 x 29 cm (13¾ x 11½ in).

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