Bruckner, Anton (1824-1896)

Village and monastery of St. Florian (Upper Austria). - In 1837 the young Bruckner was accepted as a choirboy in the Augustinian canon's monastery. He worked here from 1845 to 1855, first as an assistant teacher, then as an organist, and wrote his first important compositions here. Bruckner is also buried in the collegiate church. The musical quotation is taken from Symphony No. 4 "Die Romantische" (WAB 104), the first version of which was written in 1874. It was successfully premiered in Vienna in 1881 and earned Bruckner appreciation as a composer - which had been lacking for a long time, because Bruckner had been more recognised as an organist.

Hand-colored etching by Herta Czoernig-Gobanz (1886-1970), estate signed. Plate size 20 x 18 cm (7¾ x 7 in), sheet size 35 x 29 cm (13¾ x 11½ in).

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